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Let the Mayor Know How We Feel


This great city of ours has recently lanced the ugly boil from out beautiful complexion, and waved good-bye to Rob Ford and hello to John Tory as our mayor back in November. We did so knowing that he has a long and cozy relationship with the CFL.

While things have been quiet on the Argos at BMO front for a while, it’s reared it’s ugly head once again.

We need to remind the mayor that Toronto and Canada NEED a soccer specific stadium in order for our league and sport to grow in the city, the country and the continent.

With that in mind, and in lieu of the comments that Mayor Tory made on 1050 TSN Radio this morning, it’s time for us to let the mayor know that we don’t want to share our home with the Argos!

Hit him up at

Do it eloquently, and often. Send him an e-mail every day, hell, send him two a day. It’s time that the silent majority in this city speak up and be heard.#NoArgosAtBMO