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Leiweke Assures Fans He Will Hear Our Concerns Before Any Action


In an article posted on Sportsnet.ca today, January 9th, RPB President Phil Tobin stressed the same fears of all supporters – losing BMO Field as we know it.

Leiweke has responded to recent supporter concerns by assuring us that he will hear our opinion within the next six months.   Trust me Mr. Leiweke, we are more than happy to share our view that we do not want to share our beloved football stadium with the other kind of football team.

Leiweke also mentions how he plans on bettering the experience.  I’m sure this is something that ALL TFC supporters find hard to believe.

Funny enough… When I look through the names of those who signed the petition… there’s no Phil Tobin…

The article can be found here: http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/toronto-fc-bmo-field-argos-tim-leiweke-cfl-mls/